Firstly, welcome, I am glad you found your way here. If you are from Plymouth College of Art you would probably like to see my portfolio. So just click on the word portfolio here. Also there are the notes for the Aesthetics Relations talk I gave to the second year art history students whilst showing the work at Roland Levinsky Gallery December 2018 just click on talk.

This site is about a series of artworks that together form a project called the A38 Tourist Information Centre. Actually I will be honest, it’s not a project it’s an obsession, perhaps even a mental health issue.  The route of the A38 plots a path that matches many years of my life. I was born near Mansfield at the northern edge of the road and now live close to Bodmin at the southwestern end of the road.  The Centre will hold artefacts, books, booklets, leaflets, stories, maps and memory traces loosely or directed connected to the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Some journeys have been shared with much-loved chums, others are sole ventures and some exist in my besmirched imagination. I am so excited that you are joining me! Please contact me with thoughts, photographs, suggestions for places to visit. I am especially interested in odd, quirky, strange and anomalous things, but my curiosity is boundless.  Perhaps you have holiday journeys to tell me about. I find everything interesting!

The image above is an abstract, revealed to me by  a wooden chair at the Royal William Yard Studios. Or, more simply, I photographed a build up of accidental splashes made by over-enthusiastic artists.