Thoughts about Critique

Thoughts about the Critique 30.1.18 : Encounter with Dante

My work is perverse, most people looking at artwork in general are more stimulated by image than the word. Cf Katy Richardson’s (this A4 collection of notes could be anything – it is not an object as such.) Another layer of perversity is the fact that the bound notes look like research but in fact is merely an artistic gesture of contemplation, collection and arbitrary collation.

Essential critical elements of research such as the of weighting of information, testing information, interrogation of information analysis of findings and a logical coherent conclusion are all deliberately absent.  The note book is just as much a collection of almost random things as the artefacts I pick up as I derive. I found a single sentence that started the journey off and the rest came together in an organic fashion as one thing led to another. What I was able to reveal at the critique was essentially the traces of mental journey that delved into 21 lines only of one the most inspirational treasures of Western culture of all time. In geological terms, the work shown was akin to a core sample rather than a mapping of a large area.



I believed that the bound notes which are a very big part of the work in terms of man hours and attention to detail would not be looked at all (there are elements about it that are almost deliberately off-putting). But in fact, Debbie Harris has already taken them home to look at closely – so I was wrong!


Alain’s enthusiasm for the feel of the work was very pleasing as was Katie’s very valid point that my work may be more accessible and inviting when in blog format.  The viewer would be able to navigate at will and thus has some agency in the viewing process. A blog certainly sits well with my desire for networks of interconnectedness (even if the only real connection between all the disparate elements is that at one time or another for varying durations and for varying reasons all the collected elements have caught my attention. Later I have then edited my collections and decided what it is I want to share.  Others pointed out that to all intents and purposes I am the work, which sits well with a growing desire to be present for much of the MA art show as office staff for The A38 Tourist Office.  I hope to organise one-off events such as a Tea-Party with Conversation and maybe a short talk about the project within the space at Royal William Yard.  I have taken up Chris Cook’s suggestion and am now reading the Rings of Saturn.