Lady Parts

Last year I produced my magnum opus “A Dildography of the A38”. This work has undergrown certain organic growths and augmentations and will shortly reappear encased in a fish tank and re-titled “A Dildarium of the A38”.

My springer spaniel puppy Daisy has been very impressed with my work and has made the following work in response to it.   I am told that it is a reconfigurable, portable, interactive sculpture with variable dimensions.  When questioned about the critical significance of the work, Daisy thoughtfully scratched behind her ear, stole a sock and hid behind the sofa.  This minded me of Harold Pinter’s response when asked what his play The Caretaker was all about.  Pinter said it was all about the weasel under the cocktail cabinet. Thus, I think it is safe to assume that the balls relevancy is their meaning. 

The work has been disinfected using Lavender Zoflora antibacterial disinfectant.  So please do feel free to rearrange the elements of this work to best please yourself. You should be able to release the reciprocal tactile potential of this magnificent work.

If you have been scared or traumatised by this display the University Counselling Services will be thrilled to offer self-help therapy.