19th -21st October Folkestone Triennial

Really worthwhile experience seeing a town used as a gallery.  It was excellent to travel with Jude Meehan-Bryson as she is friendlier with artists than I am and excellent company to discuss art with.  I am reluctant talk to artists when I meet them in galleries or after talks so I miss out on valuable interaction.  The work that spoke to me most clearly was Emily Peasgood’s Audio Installation Halfway to Heaven.

The best way to explain it is to use the words from the Creative Foundation Guide to the Triennial edited by Lewis Biggs the curator.

Emily Peasgood’s audio installation responds to an invitation from Folkestone Baptist Church and the Bradstone (residents) Association to celebrate the Baptist Burial ground.  This floating island almost 20 feet above the street [the climb up was nerve-wracking, but ethereal as you climb the enclosed stairway towards a halo of light, the descent so terrifying that control of body function dignity was maintained by effort of will] has been lost for one hundred and fifty years. Peasgood researched some of the people buried there using their grave markers: each audio channel relates to a specific gravestone and is triggered by the presence of the listener. Her composition draws on hymns to create polyrhythmic harmonies.  Melodies stand alone or combine to form a complex whole. to see images and hear the work.